The reason why I started this photo blog is basically that some time ago I intended to start a blog about things related to disasters and demolition. I found out that I am not the person to write thousands of words per week to maintain a blog, but on second thoughts I realised that I have thousands of photos from past projects and travels that still might be interesting.

I am not a professional photographer, but I have been taking photographs for my scientific reports for more than 25 years now. I started snapping away when I was a kid and my parents gave me a Kodak Instamatic point-and shoot when I was eight years old. I did mainly black&white at that time, as my dad had his own black&white lab where he taught me the basics of B&W amateur photo production. A few years later, I attended to some basic photography courses at evening school, and started to try and look at the motifs rather than taking random snapshots.

In 1978, I managed to get myself a holiday job as a welder’s hand on an industrial construction site, which earned me enough money to buy the Canon A-1, plus a Soligor 35-70 mm FD lens and a Soligor 75-200 mm FD lens. A year later and a four week job in a landscaping company enabled me to complete my equipment with a Tokina 500 mm FD lens. I used to have it with me during all my travels to UK, Spain, Mexico etc., until it eventually died in 2006.

For twenty years I have been working as a geologist in decontamination, demolition and disasters projects. Often I see the world’s most beautiful places when and where they look worst. Having traveled a lot, and most of the time taken my camera* with me, I decided it was about time to present some of my pictures to a greater audience. Some of my pictures have ended up in official UN and other organisations’ reports, so I decided I would try and develop my skills in journalistic (or documentary? industrial?? disaster???) photography.

Not being a nature photographer, most of my pictures will not show pleasant beaches or pretty flowers but a more unpleasant side of the world. There is a story behind each of the pictures, and many times also normal people’s fates and fortunes. With this blog I would like to share the visual impressions of my journeys.

I would be happy about any comments on my photos, you help me improve.

(Photo: UNEP IETC, Osaka, Japan)

*My current camera is a Canon EOS 500D DSLR (running on Magic Lantern firmware addon) with a Canon 18-55 mm lens and a Tamron 70-300 mm lens.

I am planning to test if I can get the 500 mm Tokina FD lens to work on it as well, but I always forget to buy an adapter for it.

Now that I have actually managed to buy a lens mount adapter (LMA), I have managed to reanimate my deceased Canon EOS 1000D with the LMA, and I am happily using all my FD lenses with it. Err 01 (and Err 99) on my 1000D are history.

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