Philippines: Panorama of Santo Niño waste dumpsite

Panorama of the Santo Niño waste dumpsite of Tacloban City, Philippines. Approximately 500 000 m³ of disaster debris were brought here during 100 days after super-typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). The dumpsite needed to be re-shaped, as steep slopes of up to 80° were failing. Dumpsite management was modified to allow for controlled dumping, improve compacting and introduce daily covering of the waste. Four weeks after the start of the works with three excavators and two bulldozers, it i staking shape. Yet to be done: covering of the slopes with clay and construction works at the foot of the slope to use the wetland for leachate treatment.

I am aware that this does by no means comply with highest international standards, but given the limitations in technology, budget and available materials, we managed to reduce the environmental footprint and the impact on the surrounding environment.

Waste Dumps: Cardenas in Tabasco, Mexico (2008)


Panorama of a waste dump site (tiradero) in Cárdenas, Tabasco (Mexico) 2008.

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