Waste Dumps

Waste Dumps

Philippines – coping with disaster waste

Excavators on temporary disaster waste dumpsite in Tacloban, Philippines, after the super-typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan

Immediately after super-typhoon Yolanda (or, internationally: Haiyan) had hit the Philippines, a mixture of mud, wood, cars, waste and other unpleasant stuff filled the streets of Tacloban. It took a fleet of hundreds of trucks several weeks to clear the streets. It was brought to an old bus station inside Tacloban, the Abucay terminal. From there it was transported to the official dumpsite north of Tacloban. By now the bus terminal area has been cleared, another step forward to normal life.

Dumpsite pets


Fancy a nice cutlet, or an oven baked suckling pig made from these guys? These grow up on a waste dumpsite in Kolkata (Calcutta), inmidst human feces, household waste, batteries, medical and infectious waste, and the leachate they are sitting in contains Escherichia coli in the millions per mililitre.

Waste Dump Pets (1)


Do you hate funny cat videos, too?

Collecting firewood in Rafah (Gaza Strip, 2009)

Women in Gaza Strip collecting firewood from a waste dump site near Rafah at the Egyptian border.

Waste Dumps (4)

Waste dump site near Rafah, Gaza Strip, close to the Egyptian border, viewing north (taken in May 2009)

Waste Dumps: Dneprodsershinsk, Ukraine

Waste pickers’ shelter on a burning waste dump site in Dneprodsershinsk, Ukraine (2005). Shot taken with Olypus C720UZ point-and shoot.