buildings and ruins

Philippines – Yolanda hiding cars

Even more than 100 days after Yolanda, many cars are still damaged and in the place they ended up in when the storm was over. Including several hundred cars that were washed into Tacloban’s harbour, together with their owners.

After the Bombs: Glass Factory in Lebanon (2006)

UN team inspecting bombed glass factory in Lebanon (2006). Shot taken with Olympus C720UZ point-and-shoot camera.

Spot the Cat

Can you spot the cat? Click on it. Taken in Beirut in October 2006, did a few tricky things with panorama software…

Gate House

Jueterbog Fuchsberge Red Army barracks after demolition. The old gate house was considered the only structure worth preserving.

After the Bombs: Fine Tissue Factory in Lebanon (2006)

Gutted chemicals storage room at Fine Tissues Factory, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon, after the 2006 conflict with Israel.

Baden Verboten (1)

Abandoned swimming pool in former Jueterbog Damm Red Army Barracks

Swimming pool on the Red Army barracks area of Jueterbog-Damm anti-aircraft missile unit.

This opens a series of abandoned swimming pools I saw in many former Red Army barracks areas in East Germany, as well as in former Israeli  Settlements in Gaza Strip and in bombarded facilities in Lebanon.