Baden Verboten! In Former Red Army Scrapyard Altes Lager near Berlin, Germany

Another abandoned swimming pool, this one at Red Army scrap yard Altes Lager, near Jüterbog, Germany. Shot taken with Olympus C720UZ in 2003, nearly ten years after the Russian Army left Germany.

Rauchen Verboten!

The aircraft hangar was constructed and operated by the German Luftwaffe before 1945, yet the Red Army air force never changed the German No Smoking sign. Olympus C720UZ, focal length 15 mm, f/3.4, 1/80 s, ISO 100.


Classic Red Army artwork: army, air force and navy, found in Jüterbog Neues Lager Red Army barracks, Brandenburg, Germany (2006). Taken with Olympus C720UZ, focal length 13 mm, f/3.2, 1/25 s, ISO 200.

Gate House

Jueterbog Fuchsberge Red Army barracks after demolition. The old gate house was considered the only structure worth preserving.

Fallen Star

Rusted Soviet Red Star left behind by the Russian Army when leaving Germany in 1994

This rusted Soviet Red Star was left behind by the Russian Army when leaving Germany in 1994. I found it in the grass some ten years later when supervising a work for money project on the barracks area (Jueterbog Neues Lager), which – amongst others – involved collection of scrap metal. When I looked next time, the star was gone. It has probably been recycled into a street lantern, or a can of baked beans, or a spare part of your car.

Baden Verboten (1)

Abandoned swimming pool in former Jueterbog Damm Red Army Barracks

Swimming pool on the Red Army barracks area of Jueterbog-Damm anti-aircraft missile unit.

This opens a series of abandoned swimming pools I saw in many former Red Army barracks areas in East Germany, as well as in former Israeli  Settlements in Gaza Strip and in bombarded facilities in Lebanon.