After the Bombs: Hanging Rubble in Beirut (Lebanon, 2006)

So-called “hanging rubble” is produced by shelling rebar concrete buildings, causing big problems with falling rubble even days after the impact, structural instability etc. making it difficult to demolish the damaged buildings without a long reach demolition excavator. The shot was taken in Dahiya, Beirut (Lebanon) in 2006. Shot taken through the windscreen of a car, dusty atmosphere and sky completely burned out, so needed some editing.

Berlin Ostkreuz 1994

I took this one with my Canon A1 in 1994, had it printed in 60×40 cm some years later, and as I was unable to find, let alone scan the negatives, I took a photograph of it with my Olympus C720 point-and-shoot. Not ideal, but sufficient for this web site. Some day I’ll find the negative, or have the print scanned…

But anyway, I love all the different types of clouds, those in the sky, the dust, and the soot leaving the chimney for the last time. The man in the foreground seems to interact with the collapsing chimney, but that is all coincidence. There was no time to set up any reasonable composition when the thing blew up..