Industrial India

Impressions from a scrap recycling yard and steel foundry in Hooghly near Calcutta (Kolkata), India.

Industrial India

Steel worker in Calcutta
Steel worker in Calcutta

Yesterday I had the chance to visit several industrial sites in Hooghly north of Calcutta. This photo I took in a scrap metal processing plant.

After the Bombs: Glass Factory in Lebanon (2006)

UN team inspecting bombed glass factory in Lebanon (2006). Shot taken with Olympus C720UZ point-and-shoot camera.

After the Bombs: Fine Tissue Factory in Lebanon (2006)

Gutted chemicals storage room at Fine Tissues Factory, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon, after the 2006 conflict with Israel.

Steel Works in Ukraine

panorama of steel works in Dneprodsershinsk, Ukraine

 Wide-angle shot of the steel factory: Testing a vertical panorama

Taken during  a visit to the steel works in Dneprodsershinsk, Ukraine. The motive for this visit was to investigate the options to re-use the waste slags from the smelting process.