After the Bombs: Bint Jbeil, Lebanon (2006)

Photo series from a UN visit to Bint Jbeil after the 2006 conflict between Israel and the Lebanese Hezbollah.

After the Bombs: Glass Factory in Lebanon (2006)

UN team inspecting bombed glass factory in Lebanon (2006). Shot taken with Olympus C720UZ point-and-shoot camera.

After the Bombs: Hanging Rubble in Beirut (Lebanon, 2006)

So-called “hanging rubble” is produced by shelling rebar concrete buildings, causing big problems with falling rubble even days after the impact, structural instability etc. making it difficult to demolish the damaged buildings without a long reach demolition excavator. The shot was taken in Dahiya, Beirut (Lebanon) in 2006. Shot taken through the windscreen of a car, dusty atmosphere and sky completely burned out, so needed some editing.

After the Bombs: Fine Tissue Factory in Lebanon (2006)

Gutted chemicals storage room at Fine Tissues Factory, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon, after the 2006 conflict with Israel.