Oil Spills in Niger Delta (6)

The scenery in Niger Delta sometimes can give you the creeps: crude oil, dead trees and mangrove. Shot taken southeast of Bodo, Rivers State, Nigeria (Canon EOS 500D, EF-S18-55mm, 40 mm, f/10, 1/200 s, ISO 200).

Oil Spills in Niger Delta (5)

This is one of the abandoned oil wells in Ogoniland (Rivers State, Nigeria) that were inspected by the UNEP environmental assessment team in 2010.

Oil Spills in Niger Delta: Boat Trip

Niger Delta, boat trip in the creeks

The Five Elements of Niger Delta: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air, and Oil. Riding on a speed boat through oily sheens for minutes left behind an eerie and unreal feeling. Horrible yet still sort of beautiful.

For this one I merged a handful of photos into an animated GIF. The rainbow colours on the water are oil, not a digital artefact. I might try to convert it into a video instead later.

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Oil Spills in Niger Delta (2)

Panorama picture taken during a helicopter flight across the mangrove areas

This picture was taken during a helicopter flight across the Niger Delta southeast of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, in November 2010. Black and brown stains on water and mudflats are crude oil, the white specks in the black are dead mangrove trees.