Once upon a Time: Chihuahua (Mexico)

Train transporting motor caravans across the Sierra Madre, Mexico. Shot taken in 2006 with Canon A-1, Soligor 35-70 mm, f/8, 200 ISO

Waste Dumps: Cardenas in Tabasco, Mexico (2008)


Panorama of a waste dump site (tiradero) in Cárdenas, Tabasco (Mexico) 2008.

The panorama can be used to add more detailed information with links, which might be photos as in this example, but also borehole logs or project documents, basically everything that can be opened with an internet browser. Try clicking the arrows… This is actually one of the value added things I am offering to customers when I am on site and have the time to take the photographs.

Waste Dumps: Villahermosa’s Loma de caballo

Waste dump site near Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico. The size of the waste dump is approximately 50 hectares (0.5 km²). Taken with Olympus C720UZ, focal length 16 mm, f/4.5, 1/200 s.

And what is the difference between the photo above and this one?

Puerto Vallarta: Night Shift and Six Tecate

Waste collection in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. A very clean city, at least in the tourist areas. There were litter bins everywhere, and both the tourists and the vallarteños used them, and waste collection took place during the night. You could actually eat off the pavement. Unfortunately, the cleanliness ended at the city limits. Right behind the city limits sign the waste collection service dumped the waste on the tiradero (waste dump site).

Shot taken with Canon A-1, ~100 mm lens, 200 ISO film, ~0.5s, free hand shot, Puerto Vallarta, March 2006.

Pacific Sunset

Sunset at the Pacific in Mazatlan, Mexico

Traveling through Mexico along the Pacific from Los Mochis to Mazatlan in 2006, the odd sunset was inevitable. Shot with my Canon A-1, with the 200 mm lens. Let’s face it, it is kitsch, really bad.