Berlin Humboldtforum: construction site night shots (I)

Some night shots from the Humboldtforum construction site in Berlin, experimenting with ISO speed ratings of 3200, 6400 and 12800 using Magic Lantern alternative firmware for my CANON EOS 500D.

Havana: Malecon and Hotel Nacional at Dusk

Havana: Night shot over the Malecon to the West, looking at Hotel Nacional. Shotr taken with Canon A-1, with Soligor 35-70 mm. If you want a print of this one (up to 60X40 cm), send me a mail.

Havana: Malecon and Morro at Night

Night shot: Malecon in Havana looking east towards the Morro. Taken with Canon A-1 and Soligor 35-70 mm lens. I have a print in 60×40 cm – very nice… You want one? Send me a mail.

Puerto Vallarta: Night Shift and Six Tecate

Waste collection in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. A very clean city, at least in the tourist areas. There were litter bins everywhere, and both the tourists and the vallarteños used them, and waste collection took place during the night. You could actually eat off the pavement. Unfortunately, the cleanliness ended at the city limits. Right behind the city limits sign the waste collection service dumped the waste on the tiradero (waste dump site).

Shot taken with Canon A-1, ~100 mm lens, 200 ISO film, ~0.5s, free hand shot, Puerto Vallarta, March 2006.

Havana by Night

Malecon in Havanna by night, long time (39 s) exposure

This is actually a panorama of two long exposure (30 s) shots with my Canon A-1, 200 ISO film, and *I think* at 35 mm with my Soligor lens. The original photos are somewhat unspectacular and unevenly lighted, so it did not make any sense to have them enlarged. After scanning them I was able to stitch them together and found that the city smog was illuminated beautifully. As the warm city air above the buildings towards the Monumento a José Martí on the left cools off above the sea on the right, the fog is sinking to the sea surface.