FxIF (Firefox EXIF Data Viewer)

Almost all digital cameras write EXIF data to the photographs taken. These EXIF data contain information such as the manufacturer, type and serial number of the camera, shutter speed, focal length, aperture, and many more. GPS cameras also add the coordinates (latitude and longitude) to the EXIF data.

FxIF is a Firefox addon maintained by Christian Eyrich and can be installed as any other Firefox addon via Tools –> Addons –> Get Addons –> Search.

After installing FxIF, you just right-click on a photograph, then click “FxIF Data”, and a popup window will display the EXIF data included in the photograph. It works only on JPG images. If the EXIF data include geographical coordinates, the FxIF window will show a Map Link next to the coordinates. Clicking this Map Link will lead you to either Openstreetmap, Google Maps or Yahoo Maps, which will display the position of the camera as a little pin. Default is Openstreetmap, but you can configure FxIF to use the other services simply by changing the line

http://www.openstreetmap.org/?mlat=%lat%&mlon=%lon%&layers=M to

http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=%lat%,%lon%&q=%lat%,%lon%&hl=%lang% to use Google Maps or to

http://maps.yahoo.com/#mvt=m&lat=%lat%&lon=%lon% to use Yahoo Maps.

A very clever tool for photo enthusiasts who want to learn more about the technical background of a photograph found on the internet, or displayed in Firefox from one of your own directories.

For people preferring data privacy, this is of course bad news, if you do not want your 1.5 million “friends” on facebook to know what type of camera you have, or you may not want all the world including your boss or  fiancée to know where you are when you are uploading a party photo from a GPS camera. The good news is that there is also a software which gives you complete control over your EXFI data. I will write something about that software at a later point.

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